Wherever You Go

Music makes it easy to travel to different worlds the second you put in your headphones and close your eyes. The place-hopping is made even easier when the singer sings about an actual place. So get your passport and listen to these place-hopping songs.

  • “If It’s California”–Under Spinning Lights
  • “The Ghost of Los Angeles”–The Ready Set
  • “Miami to Atlanta”–Pryda (remixed be Go Periscope)
  • “She Gets Around the World”–Daft Punk (remixed by Go Periscope)
  • “Australia”–Jonas Brothers
  • “Island In the Sun”–Weezer
  • “Ride to California”–Paper Tongues
  • “La La Land”–Demi Lovato
  • “Won’t Go Home Without You”–Maroon 5
  • “L.A. Baby”–JONAS
  • “Journey To The End of My Life”–Allstar Weekend
  • “Miracle Mile”–Down With Webster
  • “All Around the World”–Cooler Kids
  • “If You’re A Bird”–Scene Aesthetic
  • “Heads Tails”–Hotspur
  • “Ocean Avenue”–Yellowcard
  • “California”–Never Shout Never
  • “Irvine”–Kelly Clarkson
  • “Hello Seattle”–Owl City’
  • “West Coast Friendship”–Owl City


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