They Got It Covered

I love pop music, because it’s, well, popular. But I love it even more when alternative/pop-rock/punk band remake pop songs into guitar-riff-covered, drum-pounding tracks. So here’s a playlist of songs that have been remade for your listening pleasure.

  • “All My Life”–Let’s Get It
  • “Beautiful Girls”–Bayside
  • “Everywhere”–Yellowcard
  • “Forever Young”–So They Say
  • “Wakin Up in Vegas”–Swing the Coast
  • “Circus”–Sunset Shootout
  • “Kids(MGMT)”–Ben Ross (found on Youtube)
  • “Never Gonna Give You UP”–Breathe Electric
  • “Men In Black”–Forever The Sickest Kids
  • “Grenade”–Before You Exit
  • “Forever” –Boys Will Be Boys
  • “Don’t’ Matter”–Phone Calls From Home
  • “Firework”–Larzz and Molly Moore
  • “Eye To Eye( Goofy Movie Cover)”–A Phoenix Forever
  • “Bulletproof”–Family Force 5
  • “When I Grow Up”–Mayday Parade
  • “Whip My Hair”–Setting Sunrise
  • “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”–Farewell Fighter

*Most of these songs can be found on Purevolume.com


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