Shut Up and Dance

There’s nothing better than a song that just moves you to dance. I love when I put on a song with a catchy beat that makes me get up and wiggle. So here’s a playlist that inspired me to hop onto the dance floor:

  • “Come On, Come On”–The After Party
  • “I Don’t Wanna Dance”–Hey Monday
  • “Shut Up and Dance”–Larzz
  • “Rock With You”–Honor Society
  • “Dance Forever”–Allstar Weekend
  • “Let’s Get Ready”–Cascadence
  • “Reckless”–Molly Moore
  • “G-Get Up and Dance”–Faber Drive
  • “Party Girl”–Stephen Jerzak
  • “Life Of the Party”–Boyish Good Looks
  • “End of the World”–It Boys

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