Rock & Rolling in the Deep

This list has probably been made five hundred times this week. It starts off praising Adele for being the immense talent that she is and for writing such beautiful songs. Then it goes on to talk about he thousands of great covers her songs have spurred on.

Ok, clearly, I don’t care who else has a list of best “Rolling In the Deep Covers.” I’m making my own.

10. David Choi:

The Asian YouTube sensation turns Adele’s hit song into an acoustic ballad. He adds tinny piano keys, making the song more precious than spiteful.

9. Jay Pittman & Drew Russell:

I actually have no clue who these dudes are, but I liked the cover.

8. Kina Grannis:

The indie queen makes the song cute. Not exactly what Adele had in mind when she poured her emotions into the song, but Grannis does give it an adorable quirk.

7. Mike Posner:

Posner isn’t a rock artist. But he does a pretty good techno/electronica cover of “Rolling In the Deep.” The song is slowed down a lot and given robotic ticks and noises. It’s suave, and you forget that it’s a post-breakup song. Instead, you might find yourself picturing your wedding plans with Posner’s voice.

6. Adalie:

This rock cover speeds up the song and gives it a rock edge. Obviously, they are singing the exact same lyrics, but it plays differently. The dudes in the band seem to have a happy-go-lucky attitude with this cover, even considering the light screaming in the track.

5. Mike Tompkins:

Homeboy doesn’t even use instruments. Every sound you hear is made with his mouth. Impressive.

4. Hailey Reinhart:

I actually didn’t watch American Idol this year so I almost missed this gem. But upon deep investigation through YouTube, I managed to find this powerhouse’s cover.

3. Linkin Park:

Ok, they’re established rock stars. Of course, they’ll have a spot on this list. But LP did this beautiful rendition live, and it still sounds as breathtaking as any studio version of the song.

2. The All Ways:

After the band’s virtual makeover (new hair/new sound), the band took the song and gave it their lively touch. Lead vocalist Austin Massirman doesn’t hold back his over-the-top voice, and the instruments even have their own over-the-top vibe going on. Massirman’s voice makes this cover emotional, as Adele would like it. With the help of Gia Farrell, The All Ways creates one of the best Adele covers of 2011.

1. Go Radio:

Their version was featured in Punk Goes Pop Vol. 4, and it makes the album worth it. The band takes all the aspects of the original that made it a hit and gives it a male, hard-rock kick in the butt. The vocalist’s voice is delicate, yet rough, and the instruments sound angry. Honestly, if you didn’t know who originally made the track, you’d doubt that Adele was the originator. Go Radio doesn’t just make it a cover–they make it a masterpiece.


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