Rock Me To Sleep

I listen to music at all hours of the day. And that includes right before I go to bed. So of course, I need to chill and mellow tunes to help me to sleep and give me sweet dreams. Here are some songs that aid me to La La Land:

  • “Be My Vice”–Chase Stites
  • “Butterflies”–Love Via Dance Machine
  • “Butterflies”–A Phoenix Forever
  • “Catching Angels”–Sing Me Insomnia
  • “Come What May”–Scene Aesthetic
  • “Good To Go” (Acoustic)–James Lado
  • “If the Moon Fell Down”–Chase Coy and Colbie Caillat
  • “Just Friends”–Shane Harper
  • “Last Song”–Anna Quiseng
  • “Losing Sleep”–Struan Shields
  • “The Lucky Ones”–Brendan James
  • “Satellite”–Action Item
  • “Together With the Sundown”–Stephen Jerzak
  • “A Town Like This”–Cady Groves
  • “What If”–School Boy Humor
  • “1995”–Mat Musto

*I can’t guarantee they’ll put you to sleep, but these songs are definitely chill to listen to.

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