Queen of the Clubs

Summer’s here. Which means it’s time to party. And if you can’t get into the hottest clubs–whether it’s because they’re packed or because you’re underage–you can always listen to your own “club music.” Granted these songs may not all be stuff that Sam Ronson would be spinning, but personally, they got me moving:

*”Queen”–Stephen Jerzak

*”She Get’s Around the World”–Daft Punk (remixed by Go Periscope)

*”Yacht Club”–Owl City

*”Crystal Ball”–Weatherstar

*”She Said”–Stephen Jerzak ft. Leighton Meester (Killabits Remix)

*”You Make Me Feel”–Cobra Starship

*”Tonight Tonight”–Hot Chelle Rae

*”Concerta”–Cash Cash


*”Open Up To Me”–New County

*”Guys Don’t Like Me”–It Boys

*”Not Your Birthday”–Allstar Weekend

*”In The Middle”–Joy Island

*”Young Forever”–The Ready Set

*”Life Of The Party”–Forever the Sickest Kids

*”Next Level”–Stephen Jerzak

“Come Down With Love”–Allstar Weekend

“More Than Alive”–The Ready Set

*”Wobble”–Family Force 5

*”LA Baby”–JONAS

*”Up Off the Ground”–Love Via Dance Machine



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