It Makes Me happy

I will be completely honest. I have the strangest taste in music. I listen to everything–country, R&B, rock, electronica, and of course pop. While having such a diverse taste is good, some people wonder about some of my song choices. So here are the songs in question. Who knows? Maybe you’ll learn to like them, too 😉

*”Can I Get Your Number”–No Authority

  • It cracks me up every time I listen to it. I’d gladly ‘hit them with those seven digits’

*”That’s How I Beat Shaq”–Aaron Carter

*”My Name”–Anoop Desai

  • I love the Bollywood feel. PLus the lyrics are ridiculously funny. (“Girl, you poppin like a toaster”)

*”Boys”–Ashlee Simpson

  • It’s not just another song about boys.

*”Money Grubbin”–Beach Girl 5

  • Miley’s bff Mandy Jirioux is in the group!

*”Ix-Nay”–Elise Estrada

*”Dummy”–Emma Roberts

  • For whatever reason, this song makes me feel empowered.

*”Geek Love”–fan_3

  • Who doesn’t love a good geek?


  • I temporarily changed my name to Juliet just to listen to this song.

*”That Girl”–NLT

  • It’s got the guy from GLEE!

*”Fishin For Love”–Naked Brothers Band

  • Cute and funny lyrics by a couple of little kids.


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