Hey Summer


Let’s face it. Unless you live in SoCal, you’re waking up to 90+ degree weather. But the plus side of having hot weather is having hot tunes. So stop complaining about the sweltering heat, and just say “Hey Summer.”

  • “Hey Summer”–The Bigger Lights
  • “Tonight Tonight”–Hot Chelle Rae
  • “Tank Tops and Cut Offs”–The Letter You
  • “Chillin in the Summertime”–JONAS
  • “Summer’s Not Hot”–Selena Gomez and the Scene
  • “Shark in the Water”–VV Brown
  • “Ready To Go”–Panic! At The Disco
  • “Come Down With Love”–Allstar Weekend
  • “Not Your Birthday”–Allstar Weekend
  • “Lighthouse”–Transmission Party
  • “Young Forever”–The Ready Set
  • “Next Level”–Stephen Jerzak
  • “Miles N Miles”–Stephen Jerzak
  • “Catch Your Wave”–The Click Five
  • “End Of the World”–It Boys
  • “Dynamite” (Taio Cruz cover)–Go Periscope
  • “If It’s California”–Under Spinning Lights
  • “At The Wheel”–Sing Me Insomnia
  • “Summer Song”–Forever The Sickest Kids
  • “West Coast And Personal”– The Greater Heights
  • “Ice Box”–There For Tomorrow
  • “Run Into Me”–Taylor Thrash
  • “A Wonderful Surprise”–The Downtown Fiction
  • “Yacht Club”–Owl City
  • “Can’t Stop”– The After Party

Stay cool. Listen to music. Feel free to add your own tunes to the mix.


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