Glamour Kills

It just dawned on me that the “Glamour Kills” is starting this month. So for those of you who are going, or are just dying to go, here’s a playlist of songs to get you pumped and ready to hang with The Ready Set, Allstar Weekend, We Are the In Crowd, The Downtown Fiction, and You Me And Everyone We Know.

  • “Love Like Woe”–The Ready Set
  • “Spinnin'”–The Ready Set
  • “Limits”–The Ready Set
  • “Upsets And Downfalls”–The Ready Set
  • “Ghosts of LA”–The Ready Set
  • “Blizzard of ’89”–The Ready Set
  • “Dance Forever”–Allstar Weekend
  • “Come Down with Love”–Allstar Weekend
  • “The Weekend”–Allstar Weekend
  • “Amy”–Allstar Weekend (girls, know this song. You know, in case 😉 )
  • “Can’t Sleep Tonight”–Allstar Weekend
  • “Here With You”–Allstar Weekend
  • “Hey, Princess”–Allstar Weekend
  • “Meet Me In the Middle”–Allstar Weekend
  • “Black & Yellow”–Wiz Khalifa (usually played or performed at one point; they played it during set switches in Suddenly Yours Tour)
  • “I Just Wanna Run”–The Downtown Fiction
  • “Is Anybody Out There”–The Downtown Fiction
  • “When You’re Around”–The Downtown Fiction
  • “Best I Never Had”–The Downtown Fiction
  • “No Typical Thursday Night”–The Downtown Fiction
  • “Living Proof”–The Downtown Fiction
  • “Oceans Between Us”–The Downtown Fiction
  • “Both Sides of the Story”–We Are the in Crowd
  • “For the Win”–We Are the In Crowd
  • “Lights Out”–We Are the In Crowd
  • “Carry Me Home”–We Are the In Crowd
  • “Sometimes We Have Too Much Fun”–YMAEWK
  • “Colorful Language”–YMAEWK
  • “A Symptom”–YMAEWK
  • “The Puzzle”–YMAEWK
  • “A Little Bot More”–YMAEWK


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