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I’m a sucker for a cute lyrics, so there’s no mystery in why I adore Stephen Jerzak. The Wisconsin native has been cranking out acoustic and pop-heavy tunes for indie label Universal Republic and plans to keep on going with a new album this year. I’ve loved this kid’s sound for months now, and here are some reasons you should, too:

5. He’s in a good league.

  • There were/are many haters out there, comparing Jerzak to a certain other acoustic artist (no names…), but personally, I think Stephen has a very unique voice. That said, for Stephen to be compared to other musicians who have also achieved great success is a compliment to him. At least he and those haters know he sounds good.

4. He’s versatile.

  • Stephen started out with a very acoustic vibe. His lyrics were cute, and they had the instrumentation to match. But more recently, Stephen took a more grown-up route with his song “She Said”, featuring Leighton Meister (Gossip Girl). The song was much more electropop feel and the lyrics were club-inspired. Within this past year, Stephen proved that he can keep fans interested, whether he’s doing an acoustic show or playing an all-out rave.

3. His Uke has a crush on you.

  • Stephen released his album, “My Uke Has A Crush On You” in November 2010. It was filled with original songs composed for his ukulele. Now I normally hate non-traditional instruments (accordions and ukuleles), but Stephen bubbly personality and musical talent swayed me. The songs were so fun and random that you cannot help but keep listening (See “Luv Me 2” and “Hula Dance”).

2. He’s in good company.

  • While on tour with Allstar Weekend in the fall of 2010, Stephen had a very supportive and talented band backing him. His keyboardist, Adam Chojnacki, already has two singles out on iTunes. And the drummer, Tyler Humphrey, had been doing drum remixes on YouTube, while penning his own single, “Airplane Girl,” which he released freely to interested fans at the shows. Stephen is surrounded by several young and talented people on his tours, pushing him to be ten times cooler.

1.He’s only getting bigger.

  • Stephen gained popularity when he released “Cute,” but almost blew up with “She Said.” He proved he could hang with pop heavy-hitters. Plus, he debuted more dance tracks as he performed, to be released in a new album. Allstar Weekend fans were able to learn about this ball of talent as they were exposed to his versatility with performances of “Cute,” “Luv Me 2,” “She Said (DubStep Remix),” and new songs “Next Level” and “Peace Out.”

So there are my reasons. So go preview his stuff on YouTube and follow him on Twitter.



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