…Breathe Electric

Music is a way for artists to express themselves, and for listeners to connect with the musician. Breathe Electric is a prime example of that. So here are five reasons to get connected to Grant Harris AKA Breathe Electric.

5. His music is “electric”.

Breathe Electric has released a lot of great pop/electronic tracks that cause listeners to move in their seats. His songs have cute messages that are supported by a funky back beat, making them almost irresistible. Take “Electronic Lover” (my favorite song by them). The song is all about him falling in love with somebody’s Internet profile, and the profile loving him back. As silly as it sounds, I’m pretty sure 90% of Internet users experience the same thing.

4. He does great remixes.

Breathe Electric has released so many remixes of Top 40 hits, like Paramore’s “That’s What You Get” and Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance.” And the thing that makes these remixes better, is that they release them for free on their official site.

3. He’s playing Never Say Never Festival.

If you’ve never seen this genius brainchild of Grant Harris live, you have a chance this year. He will be playing March 15 in Texas at the annual NSN Festival alongside other established bands such as Neon Trees, All Time Low, and The Ready Set.

2. New music is coming soon.

According to the official site, Breathe Electric is working on a new song–a love song–called “Last One You Love.” Plus, Grant says there is an Ellie Goulding remix to be released very soon.

1. Breathe Electric is for the fans.

“Breathe Electric was created with you–the listener and soon-to-be biggest fan–in mind. They know the melodies you want to hear and have no qualms with delivering them through heaps of hook and catchy sing-a-long choruses.”–Official MySpace. So if someone gives you a present with you in mind, shouldn’t you show appreciation? So go and listen to Breathe Electric and follow Grant on Twitter.


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