…Before You Exit

5. The four teens are super adorable, but have super talent.

  • Although they’re still relatively young, their voices have reached a level of maturity that almost makes you forget that they’re still fresh-faced pubescent boys.

4. Their YouTube Covers are sick.

  • I fell in love when I heard Bruno Mars’ song, “Grenade.” But I got the chills when Before You Exit covered it on YouTube. Guitarist/Vocals, Riley started off with his angelically raspy voice, then was complemented by the others during the chorus. Then I was captivated when Connor showed off his effortlessly deep voice in the second verse. All four boys have great voices, and it was showcased during the chorus, where you could hear each individual voice, yet they blended together perfectly.
  • You can also check YouTube for their renditions of Katy Perry’s “Firework,” and All Time Low’s “Weightless.”

3. They put a lot of hard work into their music.

  • Anyone can make an album or EP, but it takes a lot of work to make a good one. If you take a listen to their debut EP, “Letting Go,” you’ll notice that the lyrics are perfectly written, especially considering their age and the “struggles” that teenagers go through. Not only that, but the instruments sound sharp and flawless.

2. They’re pretty funny.

  • Go to their YouTube channel, and you’ll get an idea of their childish personalities. Which is good for them, since they still are children, no matter how good they are. But it’s good because some kids who are desperate to get their foot into the music industry lose their sense of childishness and forget that music is all about having fun . But Connor, Braiden, Riley, and Thomas seem to understand that it’s important to have fun and be themselves.

1. They love you–the fans.

  • Before You Exit is constantly finding ways to connect with the fans. They use social media like FaceBook and MySpace; they release free singles on Purevolume; they make YouTube updates; they fill you in using Twitter; and more recently started doing UStream chats to update the fans face-to-screen in real-time.



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