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If you ever meet me, you’ll see without a doubt that I am in love with Allstar Weekend. The California cuties signed to Hollywood Records in 2009 and have ever since released energetic and poppy kid-friendly hits. Now, I’ll admit that originally, I couldn’t take them because I was too hung up on the Jonas Brothers. But after sitting down and actually watching their videos and listening to their music, my love grew for them. Here are some reasons you should hop on the bandwagon:

5. They love the fans.

  • Allstar Weekend (affectionately called A-Dub by their fans) makes sure that their fans are happy. They are constantly updating their band Twitter, as well as their personal Twitters to make sure the fans know what’s going on–even if it’s as menial as reminding us that they appreciate how far we’ve pushed them. You can’t escape the love that A-Dub shows, so you might as well show it back.

4. They’ve got swag.

  • OK, so not everybody can have swagger. So Allstar Weekend made it more accessible. Drummer Michael Martinez is (in)famous for making up phrases and expressions to describe things (i.e. :”boom,” “You know what it is,” “All day, errday,” etc). The boys make sure they keep up with current dance crazes, like the Stanky Legg and the Dougie, solidifying their mass appeal.

3. Their music’s fun.

  • Just take a listen to their debut album. Half of their songs on their debut album are just about them having a good time (see “The Weekend”). They make music that has a fun beat, whether it’s a love song (“Come Down With Love”) or a thoughtful song, pondering the meaning of life (“Catching Up). Trust me, once you pop that CD in, your ears will thank you for the party.

2. Theyre full of personality

  • I have had the pleasure of seeing this band live, and I saw their personalities explode on the stage. Michael’s always laughing, Lead vocals Zach engages the audience by constantly reaching out, Guitarist Nathan playfully whips his dreads, and Bassist Cameron smiles coyly at almost each and every girl, giving them reassurance that they’re special. After their show, they make sure that they meet each fan during a public meet-and-greet, where they eagerly sign autographs, take pictures, and have random conversations.

5. HELLO! Look at them.

  • Obviously, these boys are attractive, but that’s not what I meant. Their official YouTube channel is dripping with LOL-worthy videos of randomness. Their childlike attitudes allow them to be silly and not think twice about who’s judging them. Two of the common themes with them are rapping and dancing (both of which they should never do professionally), that literally make every girl squeal in delight at the fact that there are boys that don’t take themselves too seriously. You can spent hours just watching and re-watching their 100+ videos and never get bored.

So there you have it. Now go obsess over them on Twitter, FaceBook, and YouTube

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