Interview: The Glass Child
In anticipation of her second EP, “This Is How Ghosts Are Made,” The Glass Child, or Charlotte Eriksson, gives us some insight about her goals and influences.
How did you come up with the name, The Glass Child?

It started when I was younger and came from the way I always was very observing and quiet, and I never really trusted anyone. People used to tell me that it was as if I was living behind glass, like they could see me but never really reach me. That stuck with me, and while I grew up I started to feel more and more like I was made of glass and too easily broken,  like I absorbed every little detail people gave me and that just made me build up this this wall behind me and the world. I feel more comfortable behind that name now than I do behind my real name

When did you start playing music?

I got into music very late, around 15, and I still remember when I “discovered” music. I was just hooked by the way music could make something sad or broken into something beautiful. Then I started to write my own music and I loved the way I could write my life in a more beautiful way. Like, when I wrote about something tough or something sad I was going through, I could remember it as something beautiful by turning it into music.

What was the first song you’ve ever written?

It was actually about the way I felt that I was living behind some sort of wall, like a glass-wall, and how I couldn’t let anyone in because I didn’t trust anyone. It was actually called The Glass Child, and that’s another reason to why that name makes me feel more comfortable and “like myself”.

Who are your musical inspirations?

I listen to so many different bands and genres, everything from acoustic music to punk-rock and hiphop. I love Brand New, Counting Crows, Set Your Goals and Ani Difranco. I also really look up to those bands for the way they have stayed true for so long and they are just doing what they love without trying to please the industry. But when it comes to writing my own music I don’t really take influences from sounds and genres, but more maybe how they structure their songs or how they use some words etc. The sound and the genre I might have is just coming naturally when I write depending on where I am in my head while writing it.

Describe your sound in five words or less.

Raw, real, honest, bold and cinematic!

Did any personal experiences influence the lyrics of your songs?

Oh yes all of them! All my songs are about real things that I’ve been through, thought about or felt. That’s the reason to why I write music, to figure out my own head in situations.

Who is your ideal audience?

A big huge ocean of people who can relate to my music and my story. And who takes me for who I am without trying to judge every single move I do.

What has been your proudest moment regarding your music career so far?

It was probably when I reached #2 on the swedish itunes-chart with a charity-single I released for a cancer-organization in Sweden in September. I am just really proud to be a part of that organization and to have their name beside mine on the Itunes-chart was just mind-blowing.

What is your ultimate goal in the music industry?

To make an impact, to make people feel things and think things they haven’t thought before. To open up people’s eyes and show them that you can go your own way, and you can become whoever you want to become if you just want it bad enough. There are so many people trying to take down the dreamers, the ones who believe that they can do something more than just the ordinary life. I want to prove those people wrong.

Just For Fun

Can you tell us a short “creepy little story?”

I’m the biggest daydreamer you will find, and I’m also a lucid dreamer, and sometimes I blame people for things or apologize for things I think I’ve done, but it turns out it wasn’t in reality, it was just in my mind. The difference between imaginary and reality creeps me out a bit.

What song is currently ‘stuck in your mind’?

Haha, clever! I’ve been playing ‘Turn and turn again’ by All Thieves on repeat lately. It’s not a new song but it’s just so good and makes me kind of wanna fly.

What is one thing that you’d like to “tell the world?”

Dream. Dream big and don’t listen to anyone who says that you can’t do anything. I’m tired of people who walk in the society’s old path, spending their life doing exactly what everyone else is doing just because they don’t believe in anything more. People need to start dream again and aim higher.

What is the “best part of” the music industry?

What I love about being in the music industry today is that there is no wrong and right anymore. Everything is changing so fast and no one knows what’s working anymore, so it’s all about finding your own way and building your own path. That’s what I love because that way I can do this exactly the way I want to do it, in my way, without anyone telling me what’s wrong and right. It’s definitely harder and more work than ever, but if you really love this, it’s worth it, every second.

If you weren’t involved in music, what other profession would you choose?

I’d be professionally lost. No I have no idea. There hasn’t been any alternative since I discovered music really, but I would probably be doing something else around art, like writing. I really wanna write a movie some day so maybe I’d be doing that. I just love creating other worlds, or anything that takes me away from this for a while, … so maybe I’d be an astronaut?

What’s your guilty pleasure tv show?

Aoh I’m obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy – obsessed. One of my biggest dreams is to get my music on that show.

What’s the weirdest song on your iPod?

Witch Doctor by the Cartoons! This song is so freaking genius, it’s my party song.

What’s on your bucket list?

Sky-diving, hug each and everyone of my fans, live with and as monks as in the book ‘The monk who sold his ferrari’, learn how to play the violin, figure out myself, meet Adam Duritz from Counting Crows…

Anything else you’d like to tell readers?

Pick up my new EP “This Is How Ghosts Are Made” Dec 5th and download my first EP for free at www.noisetrade.com/theglasschild ! Also I’m answering every  single tweet and message I get on twitter, tumblr, facebook etc. so come and talk to me!





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