Interview: My Body Sings Electric answers question about new single

My Body Sings Electric had a pretty busy year. Fresh off the Terminatour, the band has released their latest single, “Doctor.”

See what they had to say about it:

For starters, how was the Terminatour?
Terminatour was really amazing. We got to see a bunch of old friends on the west coast, we played with some good bands (including our friends in Strawberry Girls who just BLEW OUR MINDS), and it just felt great to get into some cities where nobody knows us.
Playing in Denver artificially inflates our egos because we’ll see hundreds of people at shows… so it was a good reminder that we have a lot of work to be done.
How have you grown since your last album, “Changing Color?”
Absolutely. We’re more focused, more motivated, and more hungry. We’re better songwriters and I think we have a better idea of where our music is headed.
In honor of “Doctor”…
What inspired the track, “Doctor?”
The song describes this really specific situation. It’s about meeting that person you would give up your life for, and subsequently being shut down because they’re too busy or uninterested… it’s an awful feeling.
The hook is actually two years old or something. Brandon writes hiphop songs on the side and he had this hook laying around forever. As we were writing Doctor, it was feeling really dance-y and poppy, so we tried the hook.
The lyrics are sort of sad and almost pathetic (not sure if that’s the right word) so it’s a good contrast to the pop feel of the song.
What did you want to be growing up?
I think you’ll get different answers from everyone, but one thing is for sure, at some point we all knew we wanted to dedicate our lives to playing music. That’s why after 8 years of being in bands (some of us for longer) we are still going.
“She wants to be a model…”: If you couldn’t be in a band, would you consider becoming a model?
Nick (our guitarist) actually models for our friends at Ruckus Apparel. They make great clothes. But he goes out on runways and everything haha. The last show he did had to have had 300 people watching. He is still trying to figure out why they asked him to model for them… because he’s a goofy band dude.
But truth is, Nick is super good-looking, and his dance moves are innovative.
“I used to read books…” What’s your favorite book?
Slaughterhouse Five… Kurt Vonnegut. Amazing… anything Vonnegut really. Also, all of the Harry Potter books.
“She wants to dance around…” What is your go-to dance move?
We do this dance called the Frankenstein. You basically find yourself in a situation where everyone is dancing, but you’re not really a dancer. So, you put your hands out in front of you like Frankenstein and stumble around, bump into everyone, disrupt the entire scene, and likely get into a brawl.
“…prance in clothes…”: What article of clothing is a must have when you’re in a band?
A dope jacket… regardless of the outside temperature. Our friends in The Epilogues know what we mean.
“Can’t afford to keep…”: What is one thing you wish you could afford?
Being in a band. It’s really expensive. If we could afford that then our lives would pretty much be perfect.
Is a new album in the works? If so, when can fans expect it?
The ideas for the new album are in infancy. We’re talking to and considering some real, and very good producers. One thing is for sure, you can expect a huge change in our sound for the next album, but we’ll make sure it’s good 🙂
Coming soon? Another new single, spring tour, SXSW, music video… and more. We like to stay busy.


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