High School Nation Tour

Truth or Sarah was able to catch the DC date of the 2013 High School Nation tour, featuring upcoming artists like Trevor Jackson, Stamps, and Justine Skye.

The tour goes to different high schools across the country, providing free lunchtime concerts to students, while offering opportunities to express themselves through art. Sponsors like Tilly’s, New York Film Academy, Guitar Center, and Epiphone help these students to discover their untapped talents in performing, digital, and fine arts. Also helping engage students in the arts were the musical performers themselves.

We caught up with Ren Patrick (vox for Stamps) and Trevor Jackson and talked to them about high school, inspirations, and music plans. Ren, who started off in an a capella group in high school, eventually met the members of the band that would be known as Stamps when she was 17. Ren represented the band’s sense of humor when explaining the meaning behind the band name: “I usually say it’s because we stick on you. Is that cheesy?”

When the band started, Stamps was “60s influenced rock-pop,” but as they matured, they honed in on the pop genre. Says Ren, “Pop is what I want to do.” While pop is in their veins, Ren admits that they “pull from so many different influences,” adding to their particularly unique sound.

The pop direction seems to be going well for the band, considering they’ve been getting a lot of media attention recently, most notably from pop vulture icon, Perez Hilton, who compared them to other talented artists like Little Boots.

“It’s crazy cuz I didn’t even know what happened…I looked it up and he said some adorably nice things.”

Because we were at a high school, we asked Ren about her fashion taste in high school:

“I seriously just put stuff together. In high school I would dress like a different type of person everyday. Like I’d be goth one day, maybe punk, a dork…Who knows what I  would wear next?

Ren’s parting words: “Look up Stamps and fall in love with us!”

After the interview, the band put on an energetic performance, complete with audience dance-offs, a Bruno Mars cover, and the friendliest mosh pit ever.

After talking with Ren, we spoke with Trevor Jackson, who you may recognize from Disney’s “Let It Shine,” or maybe a “Law & Order” episode. The tap dancer-turned-thespian-turned-actor-turned-singer recently released his debut EP, “#NewThang,” which features a guest spot from B.O.B., and his single, “Like We Grown.”

“‘#NewThang’ is my new EP… I worked really hard on it and I hope everybody checks it out.”

We brought up Trevor’s tribute to the late Michael Jackson, which he posted on his YouTube channel a bit ago. Trevor admitted that Michael is “the main reason why [he] started.”

With the eclectic EP, we asked what type of songs he enjoyed performing most. Without hesitation, Trevor claimed: “Ballads. Definitely ballads, for me. They’re just, to me, easier to sing and more emotional.”

When asked about Zendaya, his video girl for “Like We Grown,” Trevor spilled: “She’s awesome. She’s talented…She’s one of my best friends.”

Trevor also spilled that we can expect a full length record in 2014!

You can catch a glimpse of the action at the DC date of the High School Nation Tour by going to the PHOTOS tab!


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