Who is Avery? Who is this mononymous teenager and why should you know her name?

Avery is one of the latest artists to release music through Universal Music Group,l among other accomplished artists as Jessie J,  Drake Bell, and Pussycat Dolls. The 16-year-old gained popularity with the song/music video “Love Me or Let Me Go.” Her sweet face and voice belting out the ultimatum of “Love Me Or Let me Go” attracted fans worldwide, currently with 5 million views on the official video.

Now Avery has released a video for her latest song, “Go Screw Yourself.” The video has an anti-bullying message based on Avery’s own experiences. While Avery is not the first pop star to be bullied (Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, etc.), she definitely is setting the trend of using music to speak out against it. And she’s not sugar-coating it. While the song originally sounds like your typical poppy love song, Avery changes it up with the three words, “go screw yourself.” She bravely tells bullies that she cannot take the bullying anymore:

Feels good just to get it all out
it’s so not overrated
U can’t keep puttin me down
And getting away with it

Oh now I know
The way to say

These three words
gotta let you know
Here I go go go

Go screw yourself
I’ve had enough yeah
now we’re done
Go screw yourself
Not gonna lie yeah
It was fun
But go screw yourself

While brash, the song gives victims confidence to tell bullies to back.  In fact, Avery wrote a letter to fans, explaining the meaning of the song:

A letter from Avery:
To me, Go Screw Yourself means being strong. It means standing up for yourself when the world is trying to bring you down. Whether it be a bully trying to mess up your life, someone that broke your heart into a million pieces, a “best friend” that went and stabbed you in the back; whatever the case… I think everyone has someone they want to dedicate this song to. GSY: the three words we all want to say, but are too afraid to say out loud. Well, I’m not afraid. This song, is for all you guys. This is the song you can blast with a big smile on your face, and be reminded: that NOBODY should ever have the power to bring you down, or mess up your life. If we could all have this attitude, so many lives would be saved. It breaks my heart every time I hear another kid has taken their own life, because they were bullied. To everyone that is listening; please don’t let ANYONE ever tell you you’re not good enough. The ultimate Go Screw Yourself of all? That Is when you continue to live your life to the fullest, be who you are, do what you love, despite what anyone else says or thinks. This song is dedicated to anyone that has ever cheated on you, bullied you, or tried to bring you down. This ones for all the haters: GO SCREW YOURSELF – AVERY

*Taken from her official Facebook page

The video itself is a dramatic representation of the empowerment of the victims.

Avery may sound like your unoriginal teen singer, with vocals (and style) somewhat similar to 2003 pop tart Avril Lavigne , former Disney songstress Skye Sweetnam, or Paramore’s Hayley Williams,  but Avery has more to her than autotuned vocals and angst-y lyrics. She has a message. She plays guitar. She writes her own material. And she has incredible range.

Avery singing “Impossible with R&B artist Shontelle:

*Avery shows off her rap skills in Gym Class Heroes’s “Stereo Hearts”:

Avery also has something that many wannabe pop stars don’t have. Longevity. Avery knows exactly who she is. She has her own bubblegum-sweet yet gutsy style that’s genuine and shows in her music. She isn’t afraid to speak up and she sure isn’t afraid to be herself. Though Avery is barely old enough to operate a car, she already has drive.

Avery’s songs so far also may originally seem tailored for the tweenage group, but if you’ve ever been in a shaky relationship, “Love Me or Let Me Go” would perfectly describe your mood. And “Go Screw Yourself” is not only an anthem for high school students, but it mimics the thoughts of adults who may work for big-headed bosses, or are victimized in the workplace.

I see big things ahead for Avery. And I mean bigger things than graduating high school. Avery has potential to take over the pop world by storm.   And to you haters… you already know what I’m thinking.


“Love Me Or Let Me Go”

Official Facebook

Official Twitter

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