So Many “Boyfriends”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that Justin Bieber released his latest single, “Boyfriend” last week. And of course a song of such great caliber needs to be covered to death by indie bands hoping to gain fans who can appreciate the wisdom found in Bieber’s lyrics.

There’s already a gajillion covers on YouTube right now, but some do stand out as tolerable. Here’s a few:

1. Sing Me Insomnia:

These weirdos turn the R&B tune and turns it into an uptempo rock song. While emotion is attempted to be evoked in the singing, it’s hard to take Marshall Cunningham seriously when he has to say “swag” 500 times.

2. Tyler Ward:

Tyler goes all acoustic on this song, making it sound like a mix of Justin TimberlakeĀ and Jason Mraz in the shower. The arrangement makes you forget all about the lyrics, because Tyler distracts you with his angelic vocals and charming guitars.


3. Starship Romance:

I just stumbled on this one. Wasn’t too stoked about the overly edited “falsetto” part, but the “rap” part is definitely dripping with the “swaggie.”

4. Adam Stanton:

I knew there was something missing from the song. Stanton rightfully adds a beatboxing element to his rendition. It’s pure swag and well worth a listen.

5. Daniel Ramos

Ramos does a live acoustic cover of the song. While there is little difference in how he sounds in the rap versus the falsetto, Ramos does have a legit great tone to him. It’s cute and he shows off his undeniable talent at the end with some actual falsetto.

**Honorable Mention**


They don’t actually sing it, but they parody the upcoming music video in a hilarious skit involving Forrest Burnham being grabbed at and covered with feet (it’s funny, I promise).


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