Best Interview With a Band: Written


Truth or Sarah did quite a few interviews with bands this year. But one of my favorite written interviews may have to be with Denver rock group, My Body Sings Electric. Our interviewer-interviewee relationship has been going on for about a year now so the last interview we did was the best yet. Not only did it make me crack up, but I consider it to be the best-answered interview of 2012.

Read a snippet below:

Is it your intention to make girls fall in love with you, because that’s what your jazzy rock seems to be doing…

Generally speaking, girls are the people who make the music industry go round. They determine what is popular and what trends get set… so I guess, yes. Not that we go into songwriting thinking, “how do we make girls fall in love with us.” That just sort of happens.
Do you believe that there are intelligent life forms on other planets? If so, would they like your music?
These two things are so incredibly close to my heart right now. Every night I nerd out on cosmology and music. Also these two themes will heavily influence my lyric writing for the next album.
The universe is so unbelievably huge and vast and simply, amazing. It’s 13 billion years old, and our solar system is only 4 billion years old. In my mind, yes there are other beings out there who are billions of years older than we are.
Also, I believe music is a universal language. It can convey thoughts and emotions deeper than any word or image regardless of what language you speak. So if aliens can hear, I hope they would enjoy our tunes. 
Funny thing about the universe is that everything is made up of wave forms, atoms and other things that “vibrate”… much the way sound is created. So it’s like we live in this humongous grand symphony.
If Justin Bieber said he wanted to sign you to Schoolboy Records to make your band the next Carly Rae Jepsen, would you be into it (as in, you’d have an annoyingly good  one-hit wonder song, but you’d look stunning in cutoff shorts)?
Well, I do love to wear cutoff shorts. I actually think Bieber is much like Justin Timberlake. He’s growing into a more accessible pop artist… and I like that about both Justin and Justin. 
I would be geeked if he wanted to sign us haha. All that promotion, press, tour support? Who would pass that up?
Read the rest of the interview!


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