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Review: Real Talk, “Maps & Miles”

maps and miles


Maine-based pop punk band Real Talk has released their debut EP, “Maps & Miles.” The EP is available through all major digital music outlets.


Real Talk crashes on to the scene with their boisterous pop punk sound, reminiscent of contemporary greats like State Champs and The Story So Far. The EP commences with the minute-long intro, “Finally”; it’s a fitting title considering how long these guys have been dedicated to executing a flawless debut.

“Absolutely Everything” is the first “real” song on the EP, offering a self-pitying attitude that often plagues the pop punk genre. While the lyrics claim “defeat” in getting a girl, the song is far from the typical defeatist-type song. Instead of whining about wanting a girl, this song is a sympathy-inducing tale about a guy doing everything in his power to impress someone. Its upbeat melody seems to infect the rest of the EP as it leads right into the next track, “Where You’re Meant To Be,” another cute (from a superficial POV), yet cleverly crafted song. It’s posi message and warm chorus make it the ultimate singalong for shows/road trips/bonfires/weird first dates.

There’s no shortage of energy in the five-track EP. “Exposed” is an animated ~swerve~ song that is three minutes of dissing. It’s smartly written, and the instrumentals keep it light and fun enough to distract us from the fairly harsh lyrics.

“See You Upstate” is the EP’s acoustic staple, offering a beautiful guitar melody, soft but gripping vocals, and a sweet shout-out to their hometown.

The EP concludes with “Like Clockwork,” which seems to be all about a failing relationship that sparked at a party. The instruments help tell a great story here; the drums are rapid, the guitars are angry, and the bass helps build intensity to the sad ending.

“Maps & Miles” is a dope debut from the Maine band. With high energy pop punk staples, plus a beautifully done acoustic track, the band has put together a well-packaged first EP that can only foreshadow even greater things for the future.

Make sure to pick up the EP by clicking here.


Official Site




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