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Interview: Fourth and Coast



Fourth & Coast has been capturing hearts all over America this year, and with the release of their latest single, girls and guys have even more reason to fall more in love with them. TOS got a chance to talk the half of the musical duo about the new single, their summer tour, and future plans.

Go ahead and introduce yourselves.

I’m Stephen and I sing and play guitar. James is also in the band and he plays guitar.

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard you yet (because they probably live under a rock)?

Our present sound is very pop driven pop rock. We’ve been describing our future sound as indie guitar pop.

You have this new single out called “Young Hearts,” and fangirls everywhere are going nuts for it. How does the positive response feel?

It feels amazing and relieving in a sense. “Young Hearts” is our transition song from our old sound to our new sound, so the fact that it’s getting an overall positive response lets us ease up a bit in knowing that our current fans will still support us while we are experimenting with new styles and sounds.

Was the song inspired by a particular person/event?

We knew we wanted a song that was inspired by angst and just being young, and so we came up with the concept of ‘young hearts’. After the idea was created, I basically thought about a girl who had been on my mind recently and blew our story out of proportion to make the song what it is. I’m weird, I know.

What was it like working with The Ready Set on “Young Hearts”?

It was great! We actually recorded his part separate because he was out promoting his new album, but throughout the whole process he was very easy to work with. He’s just a great person in general and I think he absolutely killed his part. He definitely is the ‘X factor’ of the song.

Will there be a music video for the single? If so, what can you tell us about it? If not, what the heck are you waiting for?

There will be a music video! We’ve been working really hard on this one and can’t wait to release it. I don’t want to give everything away, but I will say that the storyline has Rachel McAdams-esque movies written all over it.

Can we expect a full-length or EP anytime soon?

Yes! We’ve been writing for about 5 months now, and “Young Hearts” is just the beginning. We’re planning on having a release whether it be an EP or full-length in the fall.

You supported Jennel Garcia on tour this summer. Do you have any funny/interesting/weird/dramatic stories to share from it?

The whole tour was one funny/interesting/weird/dramatic story to begin with! Everyone on the tour just got along easily. At the last show of the tour, CJ (Crash The Party’s live drummer) decided to twerk on me during our song “Yours To Create”, which is probably our most serious slow song we have.

One thing that stands out about F&C is your closeness with fans, especially seen with your infamous house parties. Why do you think it’s important to have that closeness with fans?

We think it’s important because they are the reason we are able to go out and tour and play music. It’s the least we can do to try and give back. I think that the fact that we are connecting through the music is an even closer connection, and so we just want to try and get to know everyone that we share that with. You learn so much from everyone you meet. That, and house parties are just plain fun.

Do you have any plans for this summer?

We just got back from tour, so now we’re looking into recording this summer. Expect new music in the fall!

Anything else you’d like to say to the fans?

Thank you for sticking with us and we can’t wait to see you soon! We love all of you.

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