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Fine Fine Titans Music Video Debuts on Bloody-Disgusting


Female-fronted post-hardcore band Fine Fine Titans have teamed up with #1 horror site Bloody-Disgusting for the exclusive world premiere of their “Dance of the Omega” music video. The song is from their forthcoming EP, ‘Omega’, produced by Erik Ron (Panic at the Disco, Foxy Shazam, Saosin, Chiodos, New Years Day) Omega is slated for release April 8.

The band, single, and video breaks all stereotypes about the genre. With a kick-butt female vocalist, fairly catchy chorus, and colorful video, Fine Fine Titans brings something new to the scene. It’s freaky, it’s animated, and it’s the coolest thing you’ll see today.

“The concept of this video was driven strictly by the lyrics…we wanted to portray a group of people who were physically taken hostage to represent the emotional damage caused by those who held power over them. The animal costumes helped to reflect on the core of the song and hide the faces of the individuals, thus making the characters more elusive.”

Tour Dates: 

May 17th – Pyramid Scheme – Grand Rapids, Michigan

w/ Still Remains



Official Website



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