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REVIEW: New Cathedral, “Ghost”

Photo by: Rotrock


Out of Tampa comes rock band New Cathedral. The band just dropped their latest EP, Ghost, via major digital outlets, and will be releasing it physically this March.


The initial reaction to New Cathedral’s new EP was ~holy crap~. New Cathedral has established themselves as a guttural, soulful rock band, and with Ghost, you definitely feel it. Opening track “Holy Ghost” is an experience in itself. Commencing with grungy bass and gruff drums, the song explodes into a dark cacophony of husky vocals but dulcet guitar melodies. The energy flows right into Track 2, “Emerald Eyes,” another vexed love/life song with the guitar growls matching those of the vocals.

Ghost ventures into rock ballad territory with “Stay,” a rugged yet beautiful love song. Even with a lulling heaviness, it’s a romantic intermission in the EP. The lyrics could have easily been written for a sappy acoustic track, but the soaring electric guitars and pulsating drums give it that New Cathedral edge.

The EP is such a catch. The band could have easily fallen into the trap of taking things too literally, but they sprinkle some “spiritual” lyrics in “Holy Ghost,” “Stay,” and “I Won’t Come Around Pt II” (Track 7)The rest of the album is heavenly, though. The choral gang vocals float throughout the entire EP and the lead vocals command attention down to the last song. This album is a successful effort; the talented band managed to showcase their niche in the 7-track EP.

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3 thoughts on “REVIEW: New Cathedral, “Ghost”

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