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REVIEW: American Authors, “Oh, What A Life”

oh what a life


Brooklyn-based American Authors will be releasing their debut record, “Oh, What A Life,” on Island Records this March 4. The highly anticipated album features their ubiquitous single, “Best Day Of My Life,” which has been certified RIAA gold.

The band is exploding on the mainstream scene, with appearances on Live WIth Kelly & Michael, Conan, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, VH1 Big Morning Buzz Live, and Thanksgiving week on CBS’s The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, plus an appearance on the CW’s The Carrie Diaries. Plus, this year they are one of VH1’s “You Oughta Know” artists.

Says the band about their inspiration:

We’re the authors of our lives, creating music from what we’ve lived, from what we hope for, from what we feel. Every day is different and like everyone, our emotions change according to our personal highs and lows and by the challenges or triumphs that affect all of us. We’re not afraid to be goofy one day and serious the next. We just want to be true to ourselves and share our stories for as long as people are willing to listen.” –Zac Barnett (vocals) 

American Authors is:

Zac Barnett–vocals

James Adam Shelley–guitar/banjo

Dave Rublin–bass

Matt Sanchez–drums


With the growing popularity of indie-sounding rock bands, it is only expected for American Authors to share the fame. The debut record boasts of lively folk-influenced rock anthems like their first single, “Best Day Of My Life,” a song that has entered our hearts through imagescommercial spots.

American Authors skillfully avoids the one-hit wonder pitfall by filling their album with other flavorful alternative songs. Opening the album is the positive “Believer,” the first song they released to rock radio stations. It is followed by the catchy “Think,” which features their trademark “ooh’s” and an inviting chorus.

One hidden gem in the record might be “Hit It,” a quirky yet sexy track about not going home with the girl your dreams. It’s a cheeky and fast-paced track, made only more interesting with an ever-present banjo. The saucy song is complemented by another in-your-face kind of track, “Heart of Stone.” The track relies on more gang vocals and believable callousness.

“Oh, What A Life” will go down as an anthemic rock album. Every song has a sense of community, from gang vocals, to a mix of genres. Even the concluding song, “Life,” uses friendly cries as the basis for its chorus. The record is more than their earworm track, “Best Day Of My Life;” in fact, the band has much more to offer fans with this 12-track full-length. That said, if you are a fan of the song, the record includes an acoustic version of the song. Though the main difference is hearing an unfiltered version of Barnett’s pretty strong vocals.

With media appearances galore and a growing fan base, there’s no question that American Authors is a talented band. They prove themselves with their soaring guitar and bass melodies, pounding drums, and booming vocals. Lest we forget their impressive use of banjo and making it sound edgy and kinda hot, to be honest.

Make sure to preorder the album 




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