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REVIEW: Wayfarer, “The Albatross We Keep”



Indie-rock solo act Wayfarer will be releasing their sophomore EP, “The Albatross We Keep,” February 18. While a solo band, Wayfarer’s Nik Piscitello had the help of producer Doug Grean, bassist Joe Ginsberg, drummer Ryan Seaman, and backing vocalist Brian Marquis.


Rising from the ashes of post-hardcore rage fests and angst-ridden young adulthood is the relatively new band, Wayfarer. Wayfarer is solely Nik Piscitello, but his personal story is enough to fill this sophomore record with honest and gripping songs.

“The Albatross We Keep” is an emotionally heavy and vocal-driven EP with standout tracks like opening track “Worried Ways” and “Oh And On.” “Worried Ways” sets the tone for the burden-relieving EP as Wayfarer unloads his ‘worried ways’ on us. It’s not necessarily a whiny track, though; Piscitello’s history gives credence to his lyrics. The family man/former post-hardcore band member has dealt with real-world issues like paying bills and trying to prioritize your family. The song is rich with meaning and relevance to a good portion of listeners, plus Wayfarer’s vocals sound pretty amazing.

“Oh And On” is already shaping up to be a fan favorite, with its eerily relatable lyrics and well-versed balance of good and evil. It starts off as an acoustic track, with Piscitello’s soft vocals spewing truths. But towards the end we are faced with an emotive bass line and a haunting “Get up outta my head.” The surprise second half is only upstaged by the surprise outburst of emotion in “Best And Worst.” The last song is a composite of instruments as Piscitello erupts in a hysterical rant.

“The Albatross We Keep” is a masterful 5-song collection from Wayfarer. The poignant songs and undeniable talent allows for an appreciation of this record. Keeping true with what he knows, Wayfarer sticks to melodramatic tracks and emotionally-gripping tales. The indie-folk-rock sound works, and there’s surely a place for it on the scene. Reminiscent of artists like Ryan Adams and Bob Dylan, Wayfarer will find its way into the hearts of many.

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