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Count To Four Posts “I Hope Not” Video

count to four

Pop-punk band Count To Four has released their video for “I Hope Not,” the lead single off their debut album Between Two Cities. The album reached No.1 in the Bandcamp ‘punk’ chart and peaked at No.3 in the overall charts.

“The song, at its core, is about looking back at a year of your life, looking at the mistakes and things that went wrong, then trying to change your life for the better while moving forward. This was essentially why we decided that 80’s movies would be a great vehicle for this music video. Not only are we looking back to the decade in a literal sense, adding that bit of nostalgia necessary for such a project, but the overall theme of 80’s teen movies truly fit the theme of the song. As Ryan (Beacher, Director) said, “The work of John Hughes and other prominent 80’s filmmakers really embodied the teen angst we all went through and is still relevant today.”

The band has been getting a lot of media attention from MTV Buzzworthy, Alt Press, and Buzznet, and have been confirmed to play SXSW this year.

Watch the video:


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