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INTERVIEW: Seiichi Daimo

Photo by Joe Tirado

Photo by Joe Tirado

It’s time to meet Seiichi Daimo, a fresh-faced singer-songwriter out of NJ by way of SoCal. His debut solo EP comes out later this month, but you can learn all you need to know about him from our interview below.

What made you start your music career?

Well… I had always been a songwriter at heart. It was something that I was compelled to do from a young age back when I was a super tan Southern Californian kid. I wrote for myself as self expression and therapy. It was when I moved to New Jersey and got into the garage band scene that I wanted to become as good of a songwriter as I could be. But more so I guess what made me start my music career it’s that I feel that I have something to offer. I want to be a voice for those who are going thru or have gone thru issues with mental health so I’m choosing this medium and career as my podium. 

How would you describe your sound?

I would describe it as soulful, folk, singer songwriter, pop music.

Tell us about your upcoming debut EP.

The EP is called “In The Inbetween” and it will be available February 25th! In this record I touch on some very real and personal topics that I think any listener can identify with. The inspiration for the record came about when I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck. I was in a state of transition or metamorphosis. Not who I was but not who I wanted to be yet either. I realized that this concept was universally relatable. We are always changing, time always moving forward. The concept took on a larger meaning, that of the cycle of life.

What were your inspirations for the lyrics?

Writing is how I process life so it’s always very personal for me. My lyrics are pulled from personal experiences and observations. With the concept of the record I was not only free to talk about what I was going thru at that point in my life but also to talk about my past and where I hope to be in the future.

What’s your favorite song you recorded for the EP?

That’s a hard question. I chose to do an EP because I only wanted to release my strongest songs. I think I achieved that. If I had to chose I’d say the title track because it encompasses a little of every part of my writing personality. Its fun and positive, while being honest and serious. 

Will you be touring to promote “In The Between”?

Yes! Following the release I’ll be doing a small tour of a few cities, Austin, LA, San Francisco, Philly, and NYC! Dates to be announced. For updates check out seiichidaimomusic.com!

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Plans for the rest of the year are to play out a lot and try to meet as many cool like minded people as I can!
 Just For Fun:
I noticed you have a distinct style in your press photos. What are your top 3 fashion must-haves?

A nice pair of shoes, matching belt, and most important of all a bow tie!

You sing, write, and play guitar and banjo. What other talents do you have?

I’m really into cinematography and photography as well as carpentry. If music wasn’t an option I’d be focusing on them. 

Which band would you love to open for?

Man… I’d have to say Brand New because they were the first band I that I really got into. That would be a great full circle moment. Really anyone who inspired me would be a such a crazy thing and a real life moment. I’d probably cry on stage. Haha. 

Some artists get die-hard fans that are named after the band. What would your fans be called? (ex: Daim-onds, Inthebetweeners, etc.)

Haha. I like Daim-onds! I might have to steal that. I have a couple phrases to inspire myself and others. One of those phases is “Make this life your art”. So maybe my die-hard fans will be my fellow “Artists”!

Finally, how do we pronounce your name?

Thanks for asking! It’s pronounced say-e-chy die-mo. My first name means “first son” or like Junior in Japanese. Its the first syllable of my father’s first name “Sei” combined with “ichi” which is the number “one” in Japanese.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you so much for taking the time to ask these great questions! I like to leave my interviews with my phases to inspire. “Make this life your art” and “shine bright”!







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