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Hope Vista Releases “The EP”

hope vista


Twenty year old Jersey girl Hope Vista has released “The EP” digitally on iTunes and Spotify.


If you take the maturity of Nora Jones and mash it with the musicianship and likability of Taylor Swift, you get Hope Vista. Hope’s debut EP is a pleasant introduction to the scene. The singer/songwriter only released four songs all together, but it’s enough to get a sense of her level of talent.

“Down In Wonderland” is a clever modernization of the Disney movie Alice In Wonderland (or the book, Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland, whatever~). We are introduced to Vista’s sweet and fairy-like vocals, but the sugary voice spews some sour lyrics.The song is as dark and brooding as the sources of inspiration were, while still being a quirky and comical track. The chorus revamps the classic Alice character and turns her into a “little girl who claims her cell service sucks” in Wonderland. “Down In Wonderland” is a modern (and less drug-influenced) version of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit.” With psychedelic melodies and fairly strong vocals, it is bound to be a cult classic. It’s a well-thought out song that deserves a Tumblr-ish Wonderland music video (think “Brick By Boring Brick” by Paramore). (please)

While “Down In Wonderland” may not be everyone’s cup of tea, “Take A Hit” is more of a ~serious~ singer-songwriter type of jam. It tells a more in-depth story with a catchy moral of a chorus. The anti-man-whore/pro-girl-power track has some harsh words for an unnamed douche who is “a cheater” who “better watch [his] back.” But Hope gets enough ‘revenge’ in the spicy pop-friendly track. Unfortunately, this song is based on a real relationship:

“He knows exactly who he is, and he should’ve known that it wasn’t the best idea to mess with me. As I say in the song, I always get my revenge. I sat on my bedroom floor for hours with my guitar trying to piece together the right words to tell this story. Writing it made me cry, and singing this turns my stomach into knots. Hopefully you all can relate to this in some sort of twisted way. It’s a dark song with 3 years worth of experiences. This song isn’t just a confessional. This song is my heart and soul.”–Hope Vista on the lyrics to “Take The Hit”

Hope writes a tearfully beautiful PSA against drunk driving in “Hearts of Darkness.” The acoustic track is a painfully true story about a student who was tragically taken from us because of a drunk driver. It’s hopefully enough to make listeners think twice before getting behind the wheel while inebriated.

Hope Vista’s EP is more than you would expect from an unsigned 20-year-old college student. For starters, she wrote EVERYTHING herself, and EVERYTHING sounds amazing. Each song has its own personality, but they all fall under the lovable personality of Miss Vista. With catchy melodies and important messages, “The EP” is well deserving of a listen.






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