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Otenki Premiere “Kinetic” Music Video on ArtistDire​ct


Alternative rock band, Otenki, will be reissuing their album, ‘The War Outside’ January 28th. To add excitement to the expected release, the band premiered the music video for their song, “Kinetic,” on ArtistDirect yesterday. Shot by OC Films, the video is chock full of motorcycle racing, fight scenes, and a dystopian society. It’s dark and edgy, but it has a message:

The video is really us trying to say “Fight for what you love. don’t let anyone take it away from you.” The concept centers around our vocalist German and our heroine Leslie being attacked by a group who means to assimilate everyone. They kidnap Leslie and we have to get her back. Filming the video was a blast. We worked with OC Films and the director Cris Rodriguez was amazing. He (along with our art director Robert Gouner) was able to really bring German’s vision of the video to life. What made it special was that all the actors you see are just our friends, fans and an organization called the Houston Zombie Walk. We’ve always wanted to build a sense of community with our band and this video was a great opportunity to do that.” – Otenki on “Kinetic” music video








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