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Forever Is Forever To Release “Something More” EP February 4

something more


Virginia alternative band Forever Is Forever has resurfaced to release their latest EP, “Something More.” The EP includes “Never Know,” a tribute to their guitarist James Arkenau, who tragically passed away in January 2012.

Free downloads of the track are available here:


The aptly named Forever Is Forever is back after a mini-hiatus with a brand new EP, “Something More.” The EP opens with the light-hearted “Take Me Back,” the perfect summer song. The merry vocals in the chorus, combined with the cheerful guitar melodies make the song a memorable start to the EP.

“Never Know” is a tear-jerking dedication to a life that was ended too soon. The well-written lyrics were poised with James in mind, but could apply to anyone listening who’s lost a loved one.

The majority of the album borders on the slow/singer-songwriter side. Even with soaring pop choruses, most of the songs have heavier, more meaningful undertones. Title track “Something More” mentions “dreams” a couple of times, a nice segue into the following track, “Dreams.” The piano-heavy ballad is an inspirational and uplifting choral track. The mantra of a chorus is moving enough to motivate anyone listening to never give up.

The EP finishes off with a slight country/folk influence in “Cali Dreaming.” Just like “Take Me Back,” the song is a cheery, light-hearted track with an semi-upbeat melody. There are more dreams mentioned in the lyrics again; this time, they are “tryna be a star” in California.

There was never any doubt that these music veterans could play/sing/perform. But they prove themselves once again by composing an incredible 6-song EP. While their melodies and vocals are impeccable, the lyrics are what make the EP stand out from every other album being released right now. Basing their career on love and positivity, Forever Is Forever surrounds listeners with a virtual hug in the form of heartwarming lyrics.

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