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Song of the Day: Monks Of Mellonwah, “Tear Your Hate Apart”


Australian alt rock band, Monks of Mellonwah recently premiered their new single, “Tear Your Hate Apart.” The song is from their upcoming full-length, Turn The People, due out March 7th. The band has already received some coverage at MTV, CMJ, and Absolute Punk, as well as radio support worldwide (Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, UK, US, etc.). You can also hear a few of their songs on MTV’s The Real World. Understandably, the guys were the winners of the International Rock Artist of the Year and Best Indie Rock Band awards at the Los Angeles Music Awards (2012). With such early success and praise, we can expect nothing short of awesomeness from their upcoming record.

“Tear Your Hate Apart” is a pleasant mixture of sounds, with the modern sound of Muse blended with the trippy soundscape traits of Pink Floyd. The song crosses several genres and decades, and with kooky yet catchy melodies, it is sure to attract listeners of all kinds.

P.S.–their name abbreviates to MOM so what’s not to love?




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