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The Electro Kid, “Pixels” EP



Pop rock band The Electro Kid will be releasing their newest EP, “Pixels,” February 1. The electronic-inspired pop-rockers from Sunshine Coast, Australia draw comparisons to bands like Hit The Lights, Forever The Sickest Kids, and All Time Low.

The band consists of Tristan Higginson (Vocals, Guitar), Dylan Randall (Drums), Luke Iles (Bass) and Giles Higginson (Synth, Programming).

“Pixels” is up for preorder here:


The Electro Kid has had about 3 years to define their sound, and with this new EP, they’ve proved that it’s a sound worth listening to. The rock band gathered the talents of four young yet musically-mature artists of Australia to create a pop-rock phenomenon.

“Pixels” is initiated with a blend of their electronica origins and their pop-rock evolution in the intro track, “Initiate.” Despite being less than 40 seconds long, you already get the sense that this EP is a high energy collection. The intro fuses perfectly into the first full-length track, “Phone Home.” The track has all the qualities of a perfect single: simple, yet catchy chorus; dramatic guitar chords; and inviting gang vocals.

The Electro Kid includes an awesome anti-love anthem in “You & Me.” The dance-y song TEKdisguises the rejection lyrics behind the bouncy beats. The guitars are best heard in the chorus, where they are considerably at their heaviest, complemented by the thumping drums.

“Say, That’s It! You Think Of A Wonderful Thought” relies more on the synths to get its character. With eerie and twisted synths, we have a small glimpse into the dark alter egos of the band. Even the vocals are surprising deep and commanding–a departure from the usually bubbly vox. The song stands in stark contrast to the last song on the album, “Dial Tone.” Understandably, the band selected “Dial Tone” to be the lead single off the album. Cleverly crafted, the song is a spirited anthem for the young and free. You can actually get the track for free as a part of the Fake Moon Winter Sampler. Listen below:

The songs in the EP have an impressive balance of synths and guitars/drums. With lyrics written by young people for young people, the songs are relatable and set to fun and (mostly) cheerful instrumentals. The guys may be young, but they have the same appeal that bands like All Time Low and FTSK have. “Pixels” is a catch EP as a whole, and totally worth checking out.

Check out their lyric video for “Dial Tone”



Pxls Cover[1]



1. Initiate

2. Phone Home

3. You & Me

4. Looking For Alaska

5. Say, That’s It! You Think Of A Wonderful Thought

6. Dial Tone






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