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Song of the Day: WaterColor, “Stick Around”


WaterColor is a fairly new band who recently released their first single, “Stick Around.” The female-fronted rock band already seems to have a lot of buzz surrounding them, particularly because of their choice female vocalist, Acacia Clark. Idk about the ~drama~ surrounding this girl, but she seems to be a great choice for the lead singer of the band.

The band’s first single is “Stick Around,” a bubbly, high energy pop-rock tune that is admittedly catchy. And whether you adore the adorable vocalist or not, she has a memorable, almost androgynous voice (think prepubescent Forrest Burnham mixed with prepubescent Hannah Montana???).

The band as a whole is pretty talented. Rounding out the band is drummer extraordinaire Connor Montgomery and guitarist Erdis Tafilica. The talented musicians rounding out the band help give the fresh band a genuine rocker edge to balance out the new-age hipster vibe their vocalist has.

Listen to their debut single below with an open mind. I’m pretty sure you’d ~love~it (I sure as heck do):



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