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Spencer Sutherland Pulls On Our “Heartstrings”

spencer sutherland

Twenty year old singer/songwriter Spencer Sutherland has burst onto the scene with his debut single, “Heartstrings,” which premiered on Just Jared, Jr. CLICK HERE to hear your new favorite song!

“Heartstrings” is a fun twist on the typical love song. It perfectly describes the mentality of those who are falling in love for the first time, as well as the mindset of those who’ve been in love for quite some time! His soulful voice mixes well with the bubblegum pop beat, which just foretells his hot future in the music industry. With a poppy beat and relatable, love-inspired lyrics, the song speaks to a variety of people. It doesn’t hurt that Sutherland is pretty crushworthy himself.

Spencer explained the inspiration behind “Heartstrings”:

“Speaking for myself, I’ve definitely been in situations where I’m stuck wondering what the other person is thinking. It drives you crazy. But it makes for good material for songwriting — I think most people can relate to the feeling. Even if it’s not a serious relationship, and just an innocent crush!”

Not only is Sutherland pulling on our heartstrings with his solo song, he teamed up with Disney starlet/singer-songwriter Stephanie Scott to release  a cover of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran’s “Everything Has Changed.” The duo set the enchanting cover to a beautiful backdrop of a music video, seen below:



Sutherland is currently working in the studio with Grammy winning song writers/producers such as Andreas Carlsson, Andreas ObergJohnny Andrews and O.A.R band member/producer Jerry DePizzo.








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