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Review: Tino, “No More Broken Promises”

no more broken promises


Maryland teen rapper, Tino, has released his latest full-length mixtape, “No More Broken Promises.” Free downloads are available here: …


After graduating high school, Tino seems to have graduated his rap career. Exceeding all expectations, Tino has released an A+ record. Throwing his heart into it, Tino has made a lyrically, vocally, and technically sound album.

Tino has a radio-worthy hit in “Mastermind Assassin,” where he and guest vocals Marc Bravo boldly proclaim their impeccable rap skills. Without coming off as cocky as Kanye, the guys spit rhymes to confirm their status as mastermind assassins. Laid over a sick beat, the track has attention-grabbing potential. It only slightly beats out “Grind Until I Die” as most catchy song on the album. “Grind Until I Die” has a fun and memorable chorus that will have you chanting “G Double O D.”

We get a trippy Kid Cudi meets Army Of The Pharaohs beat in “The Statement” (feat. KJ). But it’s more than some smoke track–it has a legitimate “statement.” The song brings up topical societal issues (Ray Lewis’s murder trial, dealing with bills, hypocrites, making it in America, etc.). Sticking with the topical theme, Tino uses clips from “Rocky Balboa.” The harsh, yet inspirational speech from Rocky Sr. (Sylvester Stallone) fits in with ideas Tino has flowing. Without holding back, Tino spews a few words of disdain for the haters/fakers/losers out there (“all my haters out there/F— you”). The song is structured well enough to not be a diss track, but rather an intellectual rap song with some frankly good points.

Tino gets in his feelings in “My Admission To You.” With an R&B beat, the song is a pleasant addition to the album. It’s a sweet Tino-fied version of a love song that might resonate with female listeners and male supporters.

Prince George’s County (where Tino is from) gets a shout out in “City On My Back,” with Tino promising not to let us down. A more personal shout out is heard in “Tino Talks (Interlude #2).”

The album concludes with a freestyle over Drake’s “No New Friends.” It’s a fun way to end the record, plus it flows pretty nicely with the original verses.

“No More Broken Promises” is a solid album. Thanks to producer KJ, guest rappers Marc Bravo, Mr. Y.U.C.K., and Kato, the album is another big step towards Tino’s future in the music industry. The mixtape has a maturity that is uncommon for young rappers, and the lyrics give us insight into his life and intellectual abilities. Whether you listen to rap or not, it’s a recommended album.

Recommended tracks: “Mastermind Assassins,” “Believe,” “My Admission To You,” “Grind Until I Die,” “No New Friends (Freestyle)”

Download the album:

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