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Song of the Day: Fake Club, “Beauty Queen”

Fake Club

It’s time to get acquainted with all female alt group, Fake Club. The London rock band is following in the quirky/edgy/alternative footsteps of bands like The Veronicas, The Ting Tings, and Bat For Lashes (the girls say they’re “the Spice Girls with instruments” though).

The ladies have been getting media attention already, being featured in The GuardianFront Magazine,  Digital SpyGutter MagazinePunktastic and many more (like TruthOrSarah.com).

Fake Club’s latest single, “Beauty Queen,” is a throwback, grunge-ish, skater punk track with the girls’ cheeky attitudes spilling from the lyrics. Veering away from the cutesy girl group trend that Little Mix and Fifth Harmony are spearheading, Fake Club ventures on odd and weird and original. They seem like a fun bunch, and their music is already proving to be a catchy collection of jams.

Fake Club was also recently music curators for the film, “Powder Room,” picking songs for the soundtrack, and even writing songs specifically for the movie.

The girls are currently in New York to work on their new album.

Say what’s up:


Watch the girls perform the hot single below:


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