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Viv and the Revival, “The Introduction”

Viv and the Revival


Viv and the Revival will be releasing their new full-length album February 18. “The Introduction” was produced by founder Viv Peyrat, Grammy-nominated producer Rick Friedrich (The Roots, Rihanna, Kanye West), and renowned producer Scott Bricklin.

While the album is called “The Introduction,” the world has already been introduced to Viv and the revival, through song placement on NBC, ESPN, TeenNick, Bud Light commercials (during the 2012 Summer Olympics), and “The Voice.”

 “This album was written and recorded during some of the best and craziest times of my life, and these songs represent everything that I love about music”–Viv


Viv and the Revival’s “The Introduction” is coming to us at the most appropriate time. With Top 40 radio being surged with “hipster” music and alternative bands, Viv and the Revival will fit in by not fitting in at all. It’s hard to compare them to anyone on the scene right now, but that’s a compliment in this day and age. With a strong sense of personal style and talent to back it up, Viv and the Revival is on the right path for great things.

The album works as a cohesive collection of guitar-centric pop-rock tracks, but the individual tracks all have their own special quirks. Kicking off the record is the feisty “I Want It.” The song is a cheeky exaggeration of the mindset of this generation. Whether it’s “Cars, boats, big house, [or] everything in between,” we seem to never have enough, and we “want it right now.” The song is a punchy, glam rock track with lyrics to add spice to the already-animated guitars and drums. “I Want It” contrasts nicely with lead single, “Criminals.” “Criminals” ventures on the slower, ballad-type side. The twisted take on a love story of “Jane” and “Johnny.” The love tale is reminiscent of the passion of Romeo and Juliet, and the ride-or-die mentality of Bonnie and Clyde. As tragic as the tale is to end, Viv adorns them in an enchanting theme song.

The ballad theme carries over throughout the record. Viv tells the tale of a dreamer in “Nikki,” a girl who epitomizes anyone who goes after their passion. “Forever” exposes an internal demon–the fear of being forgotten. No worries, Viv. Keep up this ish and you’ll “live forever” through your music.

Even with the vulnerable, slow songs, Viv and the Revival livens the record up with some headbangerz. “Welcome to a Good Time” shows off a hip-hop/pop influence with Viv rapping (think The Ready Set, not necessarily Jay-Z). It’s a feel-good track that you would imagine playing at you hipster rooftop party where everyone is wearing animal masks.

“Playing With Fire” is reminiscent of AWOLNATION, with slight drops and dark, passionate lyrics. It’s another twisted take on the love song. While we get some guitar solos, it’s mixed in with some dope bass drops and eerie piano keys. The song might slip under the radar because it’s so different, but it would a ~crime~ to not listen to it.

The album concludes with “Tonight We Live Like Kings.” It is light on instrumentals so the song relies heavily on Viv’s strong vocals. Viv doesn’t waste this last chance to show off; he slips in some impressive notes to show that he’s more than your cookie-cutter musician.

“The Introduction” is a pretty awesome record. Viv is undoubtedly a talented singer/songwriter/musician/good-looking person and “The Introduction” is just proof of this statement. Not only do we get a sense of who Viv is, but we also know what Viv and the Revival is capable of.

The album isn’t out until February 2014 (boo), but you can watch the music video for “Criminals” below:


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