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Review: Gamenight, “Pets Pets”



Knoxville band Gamenight will release their new album, “Pets Pets” later this August. This will be the band’s fourth studio release and second full-length.


Throw out your preconceived notions about Tennesse-based bands. While Gamenight has mastered the banjo and mandolin, they are far from being a country/bluegrass band. Instead, “Pets Pets” is a soulful, jazz-infused record that’s easy to listen to. Yes, the boys trick you with their southern-style song titles, but the content lacks the level of twang to be considered country. Take “Tequila and Fake Eyelashes” and “Finagling.” Both appear to be CMA-worthy tracks, but once you push play, you’re on a smooth ride to soul town. Towards the end of “Tequila,” we are given a small taste of some fierce country-inspired melodies, but the main theme of the track and album is soulful bliss.

The album moves at a steady pace. The songs fit together on the album like well-placed puzzle pieces. In each song, the musicians complement each other. In “All You Want,” the harmonious vocals take turns with the melodious guitars to steal your attention. The steady drums and bass make sure there is a wave of calm in the track.

The band has a relatively acoustic track called “Unglued,” that is simply breathtaking. The atypical ballad is a symphony of acoustic stringsĀ and raw vocal harmonies.

“Pets Pets” is a pleasant surprise for new listeners. While the band identifies themselves as a rock band, they are far more than just that. Their unique blend of rock, soul, funk, and country is impressive, and makes for a carefree end-of-summer soundtrack.

Make sure you preorder the album by August 15!

Pets Pets


Official Site




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