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Mike Acerbo “The Search”


Mike Acerbo’s latest album, “The Search,” is scheduled to be released Tuesday, February 14th.


Just hearing the history of this album brings much more meaning to the beautifully produced and deep record. Acerbo recently lost his mother, brother, and close friend, halting the production of this record. The completion of this project brought about this haunting yet beautiful record.

The first track of the album, “Trilby,” is a musical journey in itself; from its melancholic guitar, to the exciting piano towards the end, Acerbo’s music pulls the listener’s emotions throughout.

The story of “Robbie” is a must listen. Acerbo pays homage to his late friend, with just his appropriately angelic voice, fairy tale like piano, and fantastical  violin. Lyrically, it may be Acerbo’s best track. The song paints beautiful visuals; as fantastical as they may seem, they grab your attention, and you cannot help but to let out a tear.

Acerbo’s folksy vibe is carried throughout the album, with Acerbo’s light and airy voice being supplemented by the light and airy instruments. The fairy-tale-themed “Blueberry Moon” sounds just like a sung nursery rhyme, yet has enough substance and gusto to be appreciated by adults. The song perfectly sums up Acerbo’s album cover, with its multitude of fairies surrounding the dreamlike child. Acerbo retreats to his haunting specialty with “Fairy Tale Love,” a darkly sung and somberly written track. Most impressive in the track is the electric guitar breakdown in the middle. “Fairy Tale Love” paints a realistic picture of a love story, wailing, “this is not real”  throughout the track.

Acerbo does a superb job of telling 11 different stories on this record. His folksy, Fleet Foxes-like sound makes him relevant to the indie music scene, and his ability to write beautiful, even if tragic, stories and put them to music is a gift. “The Search” is a wonderfully put together record, and a must have for music lovers everywhere.


Mike Acerbo’s Official Site



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